Friday, March 29, 2013

FREEDOM!!!!!!!! almost.

I had my second ultrasound yesterday. Everything looked great. Baby is measuring right on track and has a super strong heart beat. Yesterday it was in the 170s!
The monitoring clinic didn't send my RE clinic the report until this morning, so I had to wait to find out if/when I get to come off of my meds.

I am so happy to report that as of today, I go down to 2 patches every other day instead of 4 and I'm no longer taking the progesterone suppositories!!! Thank God for THAT! They let ME choose which form of progesterone to stop. I wasted no time in blurting out, "No more suppositories!" The nurse laughed and said that was a common answer. :)

So now I'm just taking the progesterone injection, which I'm ok with.
To my surprise, I have to have a 3rd ultrasound next week. No one ever said anything about that before until today. But the nurse says our RE likes to have 3. No big deal. She said at that time, I will have an exact date at when I will be released to my Midwife. :) Just a few more weeks!!! 4 at the very most. I'm getting so excited!!!!

How am I feeling?
Nauseous. Nauseous. Nauseous. BUT those Queasy beads I got REALLY do the trick at making it go away!! Love it. I have been playing around with them just to see. I usually get really nauseous if I don't eat AND right after I eat, even if I'm not nauseous before eating. Yes, frustrating. So, I wait for the ickiness to set in and I feel horrible. Put on my beads...20 minutes later, just peachy. I have taken them off shortly after the ickiness goes away...about 10 minutes later, icky again. I have put them on first thing in the morning and worn them aaaaaaaaaall day and did not feel icky at all. :)

Yup. They work.

I'm even getting a tiny little pooch already! Although it cannot been seen unless I'm in my birthday suit. But it's there! (Not bragging) but I was very FLAT in my abdominal there is this little bump there. I'm HOPING I'm not shopping for maternity clothes in the next 4 weeks. hehe *nervous giggle*

Other than that...I don't feel much different. Ok I lie, I DO get tired more easily. If I nap, I wake up feeling refreshed instead of groggy (I typically wake up groggy like I slept too much).

Ok, other than THAT, I don't feel much different. Just like myself...walking around with a little surro bean in my belly.

I talk to my Q about the baby and how this baby was made specially for Doug and Charles. He points to my belly saying "baby" and that he wants to "see baby" with a very confused look on his face. I show him the ultrasound pictures (not that I actually expect him to understand what he is looking at) and tell him, that's Doug and Charles' baby and he tells me, "That no baby!"

Just looks at me like I'm nuts, because that definitely doesn't look like a baby mom! :)

More to come in the next week. See you soon.

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