Tuesday, January 22, 2013

First medication injection....DONE!!

Oh boy that was intense! At first.

You should have seen it...I did not feel nervous at all. Then I got my supplies out and set up....

Then the nerves kicked in.
I felt so silly.
That needle was so tiny!

I was trying to make friend here...thinking I would feel less nervous.
Do I look nervous?

Getting everything ready.

Drawing up the medication.

I was trying to work up the nerve to poke myself right here...doing little practice "swings" in the air.

After about 25 minutes of this....

I did it!!!! And I didn't even FEEL IT!!! I felt so silly for being so nervous! haha

Woo-hoo!!!! This journey has OFFICIALLY began!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can barely even tell where I did it!

This will be SO much easier tomorrow! :)

Well that's it! I will continue to update with how I feel in the next couple of weeks. I continue this for two weeks then meds change. Stay tuned!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Two more days till Meds!!

Well, time is almost here! Two more days until I start my Lupron meds!. I will start them Tuesday evening.

I will be honest, I'm kind of nervous. Though I have had several experienced people tell me the Lupron injections are not that bad at all, since they are given with insulin comfort needle syringes.
But...I'm still a little nervous about poking myself with a needle.

All at the same time, I am excited too!!!
Time is REALLY here!

Each step we have taken to get closer to this day has made this journey feel more and more real.
But NOTHING compared to the fact I'm about to start FERTILITY medication!

THIS makes this journey totally and COMPLETELY OFFICIAL!! I mean, you really can't get much for official than injecting medication into your body to artificially control your cycle for another couple. :)

I'm sure I will post on Tuesday...I hope I don't turn into a complete chicken when it comes down to time to actually give myself the shot.

Two more days!!!!!!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Contract. DONE!!!

Finally!!!!! The contract is DONE! FINISHED! COMPLETE!!


We finally got everything worked out the in the "language" of the contract. I have learned something valuable during this process...

I. Do not. Repeat: do not. Like. Writing contracts.

Everything has to be JUST SO, which I mean, is a good thing...but SO frustrating. :-/

BUT, my IPs really are amazing. I know I say that over and over. So obviously it HAS to be true.

We all worked to great together on making sure we all got what we felt was appropriate in every aspect of the contract. The things we didn't all feel the exact same about, we easily compromised on. There were no issues on any of it. They did not fight me on anything. (Which I have read other experiences are not so great). They respect my wishes and compromise so we are all happy. I'm so happy they are who they are. Awesome people.

We all have a great mutual respect for each other, and what each of us has to go through and what we all need. It reflects well I think. :)

Now we can relax. Everything is officially official. No more worrying about it getting done on time. It's done. Now we just wait for time to start meds. Then transfer.

Looking forward to the upcoming events!!

One thing I can say about this journey for sure...it is never dull! :)

Monday, January 7, 2013

Too humble?

I had a rough upbringing as a child. This isn't the place to go into details but it was an upbringing that has led me to be unsure of how to respond to certain things. For instance compliments. I do not take them well. I don't know how. I always have a bit of distrust on if the person is being sincere or just being nice.

I fear that sometimes I may come off as rude or conceded or something because I don't know how to take a compliment. This has proven no different in my life now. I have grown in many ways in my life, but this is one area I have not been able to change. Simply because I don't know how to change it.

Since sharing with others that I have entered into the surrogate world, I have received so many kind words, and compliments, thanks, and people's complete appreciation just to know that "people like me are out there" and besides "thank you" I don't know what to say in response.

I don't want to seem rude by not saying anything else. But I don't want to seem full of myself by saying more than that..... *sigh*

I know there are things to say...I just don't know what they are.

But at the same time, I don't have the amazement with myself for what I'm doing that people have expressed they have about me. Yes, I believe that women who can be and are surrogates are some of the most amazing people on this earth. To give the gift of life to another family while risking their own...it's like heaven on earth to know people like that exist.

But I don't put myself in that category....
I don't know why....I just...

Do I think I am doing something great for Doug and Charles? Yes, because I know how happy they will be.

Do I think I'm this great, fantastic person that I described just a few lines ago? No.

Don't ask me why...I don't know.

So when people say those exact things to me, ABOUT me....I never know to say back. I usually just say thank you or add something very short like..."I'm just excited to be pregnant again!" Or "I just want to share the joys of parenthood with others" or something like that, in hopes the person I am responding to picks up that I appreciate their kind words, and I'm not basking in some "oh look at me and great things I do" kind of land.

I'm kind if the same way about sharing my journey with others. I blog (obviously) and people want to read it, so I post it and have begin posting it in groups I am known in. Not to show how "great" I am. But to teach others what this world is like. I didn't realize how many people really have no idea what surrogacy is about, or what it entails. Some people don't even know what a surrogate is! There is such a shortage of surrogates and couples looking for them only because people don't know this option is there. And I have hopes to teach/show people that this isn't just some cake walk/easy way to make a few thousand dollars.

It's intense. It's hard. It's heart breaking. Emotionally draining. Stressful. Takes patience. Lots of medical screening, testing, scares. But I know it will all be worth it in the end.

That's what I want to teach people. That is what I want people to take from my journey.

I just don't know how to portray that to people when I talk about it.
And I wish I knew how to respond to all the so kind words people say to me.

Those words really do go to my heart and I hold each compliment dearly.
I just don't see myself as this amazing individual.
I see myself as a woman that has a deep passion for pregnancy and delivery but I'm done having children. I have found a way to to experience pregnancy again without losing sleep due to a screaming newborn (I say that lightly, I love the newborn stage!) And helping people (another love of mine) all at the same time. I'm just incorporating all the things I love to do into one act.

I don't know.

Honestly, I don't even know I worry so much about what other people think. I don't normally. And I'm not even worried about the negative things some people I'm sure think about me doing this. The only thing I'm worried about is people thinking I'm somehow doing this for selfish reasons.

Why that specific worry....I don't know..
Maybe because that's what stems from my issues from childhood. Me being told I'm selfish no matter how selfless I was actually being at the time...heck I'm no shrink.

I just know I don't take compliments well.
I want people to know how much I appreciate the kind things that say to me....but it's not about me. It's about the couple. The childless couple. Their hearts longing to be parents. To have their little mini me's and raise amazing little people it's about them. Not me.

Thank you to all that see me as more than I see myself. It touches me and I so appreciate the thoughts. I really do. and please know that if you ever pay me a compliment that I may not "seem" to respectively respond to, please know that's not my intention. And that, this journey, maybe mine, but it's not mine alone. I'm sharing it with two amazing people that I feel honored by. They are the ones making this journey great for me. I can't imagine what this journey would be like with another set of IPs.

Thank YOU, Doug and Charles; for trusting me with something so precious as a human baby to carry, and nurture and grow for you. I can't imagine what it must be like to have to have that ability to hold that kind of trust in another person. You are truly amazing people for that. I'm so honored....so honored, you have that trust in me.

This isn't MY surrogacy journey....

This is OUR surrogacy journey.

Contracts ALMOST done!

Well not much has happened since my last post. It's actually nice not having my email be full and having to respond to 4 different people every day. At the same time it feels weird having more time on my hands.

I'm not complaining.

Let's see what's new:
I received my new med calendar Friday. The calendar shows me when meds start, but it just tells me when to start the Lupron; in what dose and when to change it, and it tells me when to stop my BCPs.
It also tells me when I need to have my blood work and lining checked. Sometime this week I will be receiving my actual med schedule which will tell me when to take each medication.

George and I's flight for the transfer has been booked. Our hotel has been booked. Just this evening I made reservations for parking while we are gone. So we are all set! The weather BETTER be kind this time!!!

The contract is almost done. Almost.

I just wish this thing would be done already! UGH!! *sigh*

Ok I feel better.
The final draft is done. Doug and Charles have their copy. They have reviewed it.
I'm still waiting on mine...my attorney who is usually way on the ball with everything is kind of slacking tonight.

I'm so anxious, the contract is the final key piece. 15 days left before I can start meds, and the contract has to be done. There MAY be one thing that has to be changed...again, which very well could take 15 days with basing it on how things have gone so far.

I'm staying positive. Trying to be patient. I'm soooo not a patient person. I like to get things DONE! :)

The next couple of weeks should be pretty quiet. Once the contract is signed, we just wait till med start date.

Waiting, waiting, waiting.