Monday, January 7, 2013

Contracts ALMOST done!

Well not much has happened since my last post. It's actually nice not having my email be full and having to respond to 4 different people every day. At the same time it feels weird having more time on my hands.

I'm not complaining.

Let's see what's new:
I received my new med calendar Friday. The calendar shows me when meds start, but it just tells me when to start the Lupron; in what dose and when to change it, and it tells me when to stop my BCPs.
It also tells me when I need to have my blood work and lining checked. Sometime this week I will be receiving my actual med schedule which will tell me when to take each medication.

George and I's flight for the transfer has been booked. Our hotel has been booked. Just this evening I made reservations for parking while we are gone. So we are all set! The weather BETTER be kind this time!!!

The contract is almost done. Almost.

I just wish this thing would be done already! UGH!! *sigh*

Ok I feel better.
The final draft is done. Doug and Charles have their copy. They have reviewed it.
I'm still waiting on attorney who is usually way on the ball with everything is kind of slacking tonight.

I'm so anxious, the contract is the final key piece. 15 days left before I can start meds, and the contract has to be done. There MAY be one thing that has to be changed...again, which very well could take 15 days with basing it on how things have gone so far.

I'm staying positive. Trying to be patient. I'm soooo not a patient person. I like to get things DONE! :)

The next couple of weeks should be pretty quiet. Once the contract is signed, we just wait till med start date.

Waiting, waiting, waiting.

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