Friday, January 11, 2013

Contract. DONE!!!

Finally!!!!! The contract is DONE! FINISHED! COMPLETE!!


We finally got everything worked out the in the "language" of the contract. I have learned something valuable during this process...

I. Do not. Repeat: do not. Like. Writing contracts.

Everything has to be JUST SO, which I mean, is a good thing...but SO frustrating. :-/

BUT, my IPs really are amazing. I know I say that over and over. So obviously it HAS to be true.

We all worked to great together on making sure we all got what we felt was appropriate in every aspect of the contract. The things we didn't all feel the exact same about, we easily compromised on. There were no issues on any of it. They did not fight me on anything. (Which I have read other experiences are not so great). They respect my wishes and compromise so we are all happy. I'm so happy they are who they are. Awesome people.

We all have a great mutual respect for each other, and what each of us has to go through and what we all need. It reflects well I think. :)

Now we can relax. Everything is officially official. No more worrying about it getting done on time. It's done. Now we just wait for time to start meds. Then transfer.

Looking forward to the upcoming events!!

One thing I can say about this journey for is never dull! :)

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