Sunday, January 20, 2013

Two more days till Meds!!

Well, time is almost here! Two more days until I start my Lupron meds!. I will start them Tuesday evening.

I will be honest, I'm kind of nervous. Though I have had several experienced people tell me the Lupron injections are not that bad at all, since they are given with insulin comfort needle syringes.
But...I'm still a little nervous about poking myself with a needle.

All at the same time, I am excited too!!!
Time is REALLY here!

Each step we have taken to get closer to this day has made this journey feel more and more real.
But NOTHING compared to the fact I'm about to start FERTILITY medication!

THIS makes this journey totally and COMPLETELY OFFICIAL!! I mean, you really can't get much for official than injecting medication into your body to artificially control your cycle for another couple. :)

I'm sure I will post on Tuesday...I hope I don't turn into a complete chicken when it comes down to time to actually give myself the shot.

Two more days!!!!!!!

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