Friday, March 22, 2013

1st Ultrasound!!!

First I would like to apologize to everyone for the apparent anxiety they have been experiencing today waiting for the news. After the ultrasound was over, we all spent some time at Whole Foods (seriously LOVE that place) then we went home and I napped with the hubby. I have not felt well at all today. Such a crappy time to feel so bad. :-/ Definitely felt out of my sorts today because of it, even though I tried hard not to be. *sigh*

I want to thank EVERYONE for being excited with us and sharing it. It feels so good to know so many people are right here with us, joining us in our emotions through this journey. I smile so big when people share with me, their excitement for upcoming news. :)
It really does feel like you all are a part of this journey with us. Thank you for your loyalty and love.

Ok, so onto the news everyone is having heart attacks over!

Ultrasound was SUPPOSED to be at 11:30 this morning, but we didn't get seen until 12:30. They had a transfer they were doing and apparently this clinic takes a LOT longer to do them than my clinic does. Oh well, only an hour extra wait, right?

So we get in there and honestly, this was the first time in a medical procedure, EVER, that I felt...rushed, slightly disrespected, even a little violated. The doctor was obviously an hour behind, and it definitely showed when she came in.

Warning: mini rant:
Ok, I totally understand clinics and being on a time schedule and all and having patients to see, etc. However, that does NOT make it ok to be rude, pushy, and obviously in robotic mode with your patients just to get caught up. Especially for sensitive times like these.
Rant over.

Ok, anyway, she came in with 2 other staff members, turned out the lights, practically pushed Doug and Charles AND Quentin over in a corner and SHOVED the know where. (This was a vaginal ultrasound for those of you that do not know).

Yeeeah....if my memory serves...I even closed my eyes tightly and had to let out a big breath because it kind of hurt. Not horrible, but definitely was not the best experience I have had with one of those things.

Quentin was screaming crying during about half the ultrasound because he got scared being shoved in a corner, the lights being turned out and not being allowed to have his mommy.

I still feel SO HORRIBLE that he was crying like that. For both him and Doug and Charles. Poor Q was scared, not knowing what was going on, and the guys had trouble catching everything that was going on.

But, it's over now. Can't go back and change it. It wasn't the most horrible experience, but it definitely was a needless experience. Next time....I will be more aware of what happens and try to help things be more smooth.


what every one has been waiting for:

There's a baby in there!! Let me stress this....there is ONE baby in there!!! Despite my not feeling well, I promise you I am jumping up and down on the inside about that. Lol. (this is not meant in a mean heartless way. Just much less concern for my well being and the baby's)

For those of you that have no clue what they are looking at (it's ok, it's not exactly obvious here)
The little circular "thing" on the right of the long looking "blob" is the yolk sac. Yes, humans have yolk sacs too. :)

A little info on what they do in humans:
Yolk sac: Not all yolk has to do with birds' eggs. Human embryos have a yolk sac, too. The human yolk sac is a membrane outside the embryo that is connected by a tube (the yolk stalk) though the umbilical opening to the embryo's midgut. The yolk sac serves as an early site for the formation of blood and in time, is incorporated into the primitive gut of the embryo.

Ok, now you are fully informed on human yolk sacs. Moving on.

The long "blob" is the baby! Doesn't look like it yet but I swear that's what it is! It even has a heart beat in the 130s!! That's awesome for being almost 7 weeks!

Grow baby grow!!!

Baby is only 3.5cm right now. God, so incredibly amazing isn't it? We all start out as just a bunch of cells, that some how magically turn into the tiniest of humans. Biology is so cool.

So everything is GREAT!! Aside from the comes and goes, thankfully. But it has been more coming than going lately. Sticking around for longer periods of time and seeming to be more intense every day. But I'm handling it well. I usually keep a bottle of ice water with me everywhere I go with Lemon Essential Oil in it and drinking on that definitely helps.
The only time the lemon didn't help is when I had a bug earlier this week. Oh man that was terrible. Terrible I tell you.
All better now though.

I have also acquired some ginger tea (at the advice of my doula) :) and will try that with some honey for the sickness. I also ordered something called "Queasy Beads" they should be here in a few days! They are acupuncture beads. Bracelets you wear on your wrists at an pressure point that relieves sickness. Many testimonials say it here's hoping!!!
I'm definitely getting my defenses in order with the sickness this time!! I shall overcome and conquer pregnancy sickness!!!

Being informed really is bliss. :)

Next ultrasound will be next week. Hopefully Friday. Just to look at baby one more time. Check heart beat again. Check growth to make sure baby is growing at it should be. Then I will get to start cutting down on my meds. Yay for that!!!!
I'm not gonna lie...looking forward to no more patches, shots, and suppositories! None of that is near as fun as it sounds!!

Thank you again to all of our family and friends and you strangers out there following our journey. :)
It really is great to have to many people to share this with and be able to touch people on an emotional level. Gives a woman purpose ya know. ;)

Love and blessings to you all!

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  1. Hi, I'm a friend of Doug & Charles' and was reading through this. First, you are awesome!

    Second, I would like to offer the friendly suggestion that you use some kind of crop function or Photoshop to remove your dob from the picture.

    You certainly don't have to but I saw it and worried that you might be unintentionally putting a little more information out into the internet than you intended.