Monday, November 12, 2012

Things just keep rolling forward...birth control started!

I know..."birth control? Aren't you wanting to get pregnant?"

Yes. And birth control is the first step in the process. For my journey.
But I will get to that in a minute.

Not much time has went by. The beginning of October, the 12th to be exact my IPs contacted me right after being accepted by the agency. And, November 12!
Now as of November 12th, all the foot work stuff is done and we are moving on to the bigger things, the ACTUAL journey. In just one month. It was went so fast, but I'm totally ok with it.

This is what I wanted, so begin right away, and we did. It just happens like that when you have the right match. :)

George and I have had our psych evals done, all the paper work is done, (loads of paper work), all of the other little details. My cycle finally started and I was able to schedule the Hysterosalpingogram.

Hysterosalpingogram? What? You don't know what that is? Ok yeah, I had no clue either. I will be given a dye that will make my uterus and fallopian tubes all very clear on an ultrasound type of device. They are basically just checking for any blockage in my fallopian tubes that would need to be corrected before a transfer.

In preparation for this and a few other reasons, I have had to begin birth control pills. One, to prevent pregnancy. George has a vasectomy, but that is not always fool proof and we want to MAKE SURE Doug and Charles are not disappointed again by something we can control. Two, for purposes of the test, the pill keeps my uterine lining from becoming to thick for the OB to see what he needs to see. Three, the RE (reproductive endocrinologist) will need my cycle to be controlled. So that's how birth control pills fit in to getting pregnant. :)

This Friday, the 16th I have to go in for a pregnancy test, just to make sure we are clear for the test. Then the following Tuesday, the 20th I go in for the hysterosalpingogram. Hopefully by the end of that week the OB will have the report sent to the RE so that I can schedule my appointment with FCI (the fertility clinic) and I will be able to plan my trip to Chicago!! To meet the RE and get the plan laid out for meds and transfer but also to finally meet Doug and Charles face to face!!!

I'm so excited for that! We have exchanged soooo many emails, chat on facebook...I want to meet them!

We have had our share of bumps in this previous busy month, but it has not been enough to set us back. I will continue to keep the faith and moving forward, hoping things keep going as they have been and soon after Christmas we will be planning a transfer!

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