Thursday, February 28, 2013

One step closer! Transfer done!

Well, here we are, 6dp5dt! (6 days post 5 day transfer)

It went really well! I have heard many people say it's so quick. It really is.

Here is my hubby trying to put on the booties. He has big feet. Even bigger boots. It almost didn't fit! lol

My hubby George (left) and Doug (right) waiting for the embryo to be ready!

This is all of us with Colleen, the "Embryonic Woman"!!! (Google her!) She was the one in charge of taking care of their little embryo!!! Such an awesome part she played in our journey!

Waiting for a transfer? Take a bunch of pics!! That's what we do!! We were all so anxious and very excited!

They finally came to bring me into the procedure room. George, Doug, and Charles all got to be in there!!!! They normally only let two in, and that was going to be George and Doug, but Colleen had the say so, and she let Charles in too! She really was awesome! I'm so glad they both got to be there.

The entire team was amazing. They were all so very kind and made sure I was comfortable. They explained everything to me so carefully and made sure I understood everything that was going to happen.
They give you a Valium to take for nerves. I guess a lot of surrogates need it...? They kept asking me if I wanted to take it. I said no. I don't like narcotics. Besides, I wasn't nervous at ALL! I was just very excited! They team was very surprised I did so well without the pill. Like, seriously! They kept saying, "Wow, she did great, and without the Valium!" I had no reason to need it. NO reason to be nervous. :)

We got to see the tiny 5 day old embryo!!! Magnified 400 times!!!!!!!
Amazing isn't it?

We got to watch them put the embryo in my uterus! It was sooooooo cooool!

That's it! That quick. Just a couple of minutes. They instantly had me stand up and sent me on my way!

I spent the next two days as a couch potato. Except for the little time we went with Doug and Charles to Barnes and Noble and dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.

We have been so anxiously waiting until March 4th when I have my blood test done to tell if I'm pregnant and what my levels are.
Every morning I have a dream that I take a HPT and it's positive!!!! We can only hope!

I can take HPTs but with the enormous snow we got....I can't get out of my garage! :-/

How do I feel? I have been getting this question a LOT! It's way too early for full pregnancy symptoms yet. But I do feel...different. My uterine area feels..."full" in a way. I have been having round ligament pains. Which is just like what i have had with my other pregnancies. I feel like "something" is going on in there. But on the other hand, it could just be my mind messing with me. Wanting something so much, your mind plays tricks on you.....we shall find out soon!!!

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