Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Day in Chicago

We made it!!!

The hubby and I flew into Chicago last night (just before the terrible snow storm back home!)
All day today, we spent with Doug and Charles! They picked us up at our hotel this morning, and took us all over Chicago! Oh it was so great! Not just seeing Chicago (which was incredibly amazing) but spending time with the guys. They are so awesome!

The first place we went was "The Bean" which is actually called, "Clouds Gate." If you ever go to Chicago, you should check it out....completely awesome!!!! It's a GIANT, 110 ton, chrome BEAN. So cool!
We walked all over downtown Chicago; walked the entire (almost) Magnificent Mile. It was incredible.
We went to the Hershey store...AWESOME! We got our kiddos gifts from there. Don't worry, we didn't buy tons of candy. haha We got our two oldest brown hoodies that said "Hershey" and Chicago on them, and will have their names embroidered, and got our youngest a Hershey football.

Checked out a few stores, walked forever, froze (it was worth it), walked some more, took lots of pictures. Went to dinner, and experience Chicago style pizza...Oh. my. goodness. Yum!!!! I may never look at pizza the same again. :)

Those are just the highlights. It was really a great day. We got to talk about so many things, and get to know our IPs even more. We even had a little tender moment...I tried not to get was so sweet. I really can feel their appreciation.

I loved today. Can't wait for tomorrow. Can't wait for Saturday. We will see them each of those days for a while. I love spending time with them. I love the bond, the friendship we have created.

Sunday will be a sad day. But of course, this will not be our last time of hanging out and visiting. :)

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