Monday, May 21, 2012

Response #6 & #7

Well I haven't heard back from the couple in Marshall since they asked about the fee. That's pretty normal though...oh well.

Still waiting days in between emails with the Texas couple. It's kind of irritating. They expressed this huge desire to have a GS to have a baby, but they are very slow to respond. I know there are several reasons this could be, but it just gives me an "off" sort of vibe. They are the first couple I have interacted with so far that has not been quick with emails. Everyone else I have spoken with seems to be very eager to get things going...I don't know, this is all still pretty new to me...

I had two new responses today. The second one seems like some kind of a scam though. Like an agency poking around at individual ads (they aren't supposed to do that). So I'm not paying it much attention.

But the other one I got sounded really good. Actually gave me goosebumps reading the email. It is a couple from New York City. I won't go through details right now, as we have only exchanged introductory emails, but I have a good feeling. I hope she responds back today...I'm very anxious to see if we are a match. It's one of the most difficult parts...

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